Hi I'm Leah...

I am so excited that our paths have crossed and would love to tell you a little more about me to see why. 

I am a mum of 4 beautiful children and a wife to an amazingly supportive husband. Everything I do is for them. I am an early childhood educator. I LOVE to teach – children and adults alike. Being an educator, I love learning from others, researching, educating myself and above all – sharing my knowledge & what I have learnt with others.

I am a leader within DOTERRA and even though I am in Australia, I have customers from all around the world. Whether we have connected from an in person class, facebook, instagram or online events I am so glad you are here.


I began looking into health and wellness for our family when I noticed how certain foods would effect my children, when I always felt low on energy, when people around me were constantly getting sick, when my children struggled to sleep… I felt there was a better way. I dived head first into all things health and wellness, books, blogs, courses, workshops and after following my head & my heart, I have a love of all things whole foods, all things toxic & synthetic free, all things essential oils and all things DIY with very simple raw ingredients!

I would love to share with you what I have learnt, how I support my family in their health, how we live a toxic free life, how we live a healthy, joyful, abundant life today and everyday.

So what do I actually do?

I educate about and sell DOTERRA essential oils

I build a community of beautiful women and men who are all in this together – to live a healthy life, empowerd to take care of themselves and their family.

I empower other women to be successful & build their own businesses, take control of their families health and wellness and most importantly to give back to their own communities

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